February 10 > March 29, 2016
MACRO Testaccio
Padiglione 9B

Promoted by Roma Capitale - Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali
In collaboration with Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts, Fondazione VOLUME! of Rome, AUN Gallery di Tehran and Claudio Poleschi Arte Contemporanea of Lucca

Solo exhibition of the Italian Persian artist Bizhan Bassiri.

The exhibition represents the natural evolution of an itinerary began in 1984 with the “Manifest of the Pragmatic thought”, expressed in the particular and wide Bassiri’s iconography, trough the subject in which takes form his idea of “Riserva Aurea”

The linguistical, technical and material experimentation, which characterizes Bassiri’s itineray, lead him to use different subjects, different materials such as cardboard, bronze, steel, and   elements arising from the will to express, by the use of sculpture the image aiming to a “magmatic tought”.

In “La Riserva Aurea del Pensiero Magmatico” Bassiri elaborates his classic elements: the heart of this work of art is characterized by the “Dadi della sorte”; 6 auric Snakes and a series of golden   sculptures composed by 12 knocking Sticks, 4 lecterns and 4 Herms. All these works of art are exposed in the ex Slaughterhouse in Testaccio on a surface 6 cm raised from the floor and covered by some marble dust, ending on a blue wall at the centre of which you can find a black crystal. If in his masterpiece Bassiri used to write that “the work of art is not reflected in the mirror of the world but in its inner self”, the artworks of the exhibition open in their specular image, creating a relation between the masterpiece and its reflection,  and put it in relation with the infinite.

Bizhan Bassiri was born in Teheran in 1954. He arrived in Rome in 1957 and used to live in Chiusi (Siena).

He began to expose in 1981. Bizhan Bassiri’s artistic research began by using different materials: cardboard, bronze and steel surfaces, igneous elements, photographic elaborations. He is the author of the “Magmatic thought” (1984), of the “Manifesto of the Magmatic thought” (1984 - 2016).

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