Michele Rizzo

18 September 2020, 6.30 pm

A Story is a format of AGORA that invites artists to present their own personal “art history” accompanied by a slide show of images, sounds and videos. It tries to rethink the classical format of the artist talk, in order to make interests, influences and imaginaries, shared with the public, emerge.


Participating in this story session is Michele Rizzo, Italian choreographer and artist based in Amsterdam. A series of appointments of A Story, made in collaboration with the Art Quadriennale, inaugurates with Michele and will feature the artists of the 2020 edition.

Michele Rizzo (born 1984) graduated from the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam (SNDO) in 2011 and from the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam in 2015. His research works at the intersection of performing and visual art, merging sculpture, dance and performative elements. Although his works share a distinctive interest in the poetics of transformation, becoming and transcending, the results of this multidisciplinary approach crystallise in very different performances. HIGHER (2015), a project inspired by club culture with music by Lorenzo Senni, focuses on the experience of ecstatic dance. SPACEWALK (2017) still deals with these themes, but also transcends the aesthetics of the club, translating it into a unique spatial environment, reminiscent of the realm of the virtual and architecture. The third episode of this trilogy, DEPOSITION (2019), with music by Billy Bultheel, focuses on the body of the performer. Rizzo is a guest lecturer in choreography and movement research at SNDO in Amsterdam, as well as a visiting scholar at international institutions such as Impulstanz Vienna, Sandberg Institute Amsterdam, ISAC Brussels, Studio 303 Montreal.


The encounter will take place in the Auditorium.
Free admission but reservation required: booking@museomacro.it.