Alberto Burri, Grande sacco
With Giuseppe Garrera

17 July 2024, 7 pm

A Work is a format of AGORA developed in collaboration with Giuseppe Garrera, in which the musicologist, art historian and collector philologically analyzes an art work of his choice. In this meeting Garrera will lead us to discover the work Grande sacco by Alberto Burri.

“A filthy rag”, “Contemptible trash” 


Burri’s work caused widespread outcry when it was shown in 1959 among the new acquisitions of the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna in Rome, then directed by Palma Bucarelli. 


On 7 April 1959, the Democratic Socialist member of parliament and former Minister of Finance Luigi Preti proposed the creation of a committee of oversight for the Gallery, and the removal and reassignment of “signorina” Palma Bucarelli, seen as being specialized in the acquisition of scribbles, burlap bags, framed holes and scrap metals. 


On 10 April 1959, in the Senate, the Communist deputy Umberto Terracini demanded to know the sum paid by the Galleria Nazionale to obtain ownership “of the old, torn packing fabric, which under the title of Grande sacco has been framed by this Alberto Burri”. 



Free entry.
The event will take place in auditorium