Yves Klein’s blue
with Giuseppe Garrera
live stream

21 May 2021, 6 pm

A Work is a format of AGORA developed in collaboration with Giuseppe Garrera, in which the musicologist, art historian and collector will analyse philologically an art work of his choice for each meeting.

Milan, 2 January 1957. At the Galleria Apollinaire, Yves Klein, Japanese wrestling champion and super-avantgarde painter, presents the most paradoxical exhibition which the world has ever seen: eleven canvases, all blue and of equal size. How much do they cost? The public chuckles and protests. There are already two buyers: a famous tailor, and the painter-sculptor Lucio Fontana, “the holes guy”, who has rushed to buy one piece. “Nulla si esaurisce di ciò che è azzurro”, (Nothing which is blue exhausts itself), propheses Emilio Villa.