with Ivan Carozzi, Matteo Binci, Valerio Mattioli and Nicolò Porcelluzzi

22 May 2024, 6.30 pm  


In the context of the exhibition Accelerazione, the curators Valerio Mattioli and Matteo Binci take part in a conversation with Ivan Carozzi and Nicolò Porcelluzzi, the authors of FRIGO!!!, a podcast on the history of Frigidaire (1980-2008), the monthly magazine of lifestyle, politics and comics co-founded by Stefano Tamburini. The publication was one of the main vehicles of his visual experimentation. Starting from this collective experience, the encounter interprets the artist’s poetics in the contemporary panorama, delving into the concept of acceleration in relation to the current debate on automation, machinic evolution, technological singularity and the techno-capitalist utopia/dystopia.  



The event takes place in the In-Design exhibit space.