Magazine Launch
With Jacopo Belloni, Andrea Croce, Sergio Eusebi, Livio Graziottin, Diego Gualandris, Luca Lo Pinto, Ludovica Ludinatrice, Emiliano Maggi, Andrea Mauti, Domenico Romeo, Lorenzo Silvestri, Lorenzo Xiques Lópes, VEGA, Fede Projetti (VIPRA)

4 July 2024, 7 pm

Experience Journal – ‘On Italy Volume 1’ is a biannual art and design magazine, which reflects the eclectic production of the Italian contemporary cultural scene. The project, produced by King Kong Studio and in its first edition, intends to choose a different country each time and study it through the perspective of a series of figures identified in the fields of art, architecture and design. Italy is the first country that has been selected by King Kong Studio with the aim of reflecting the challenges and economic circumstances that characterize the national artistic panorama of the 21st century. Inside Experience Journal – On Italy Volume 1 there is Advertorial, a contribution edited by Luca Lo Pinto, in which the curator and artistic director of MACRO invited a group of artists from all over Italy to play with the idea of ​​”advertorial” and of the artist as a brand.



7 pm
Luca Lo Pinto, Lorenzo Silvestri, VEGA, Fede Projetti (VIPRA)  



7.45 pm
Sergio Eusebi and Livio Graziottin (Kuboraum), Ludovica Ludinatrice (Modern Matters), Emiliano Maggi, Domenico Romeo 



8.30 pm
Jacopo Belloni, Andrea Croce, Diego Gualandris, Andrea Mauti  



Moderated by Lorenzo Xiques López 



The event will take place in galleria vetrata. 
Free entry. 


Technical sponsor: Drinkello