Eva Barto
Printed matters 2011–2021

16 June 2021, 6 pm

The project GRID arrives at MACRO with a talk by artist Eva Barto as guest curator. Her artistic practice is based on printed matter, publications and books. A selection of her works will be presented, opening up a conversation with the public on her practice. 

Eva Barto convenes the power relations governing the codes of property, in particular through the study of hegemonic discourses, mechanisms of corruption and impediments of the law. Her work has been exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions in France and abroad. Since 2019 she has been working on the implementation of a donation system linking three German entities with opposing legal statuses (Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, Kunstverein Nuremberg, and Galerie Max Mayer). In September 2021, she will continue her research on the legal loopholes specific to American legislation (Residency at Sculpture Center, NY) which she will unfold through solo projects presented in France and Italy in 2022 (Le Plateau, Frac Ile de France and MACRO – Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome).


In 2016, she started the editorial project on financial issues entitled Buttonwood-Press. She is the founder of the French art workers’ rights collective La Buse and co-hosts the show ForTune on * Duuu Radio. Since 2019, she has been teaching at the École des Beaux-Arts de Lyon.


GRID was created in 2017 by Eddy Merckx* to investigate the role of publications and books in the art scene and the way their characteristics and limits are rethought when they become an artistic medium. Through the years GRID developed and extended beyond the limit of the bookshelf to embrace the world. But the format is still the same: a guest, different each time, is responsible for deciding the content, presenting their publications, selecting from their collection of books, or just choosing books that are able to present a certain idea. To date there have been 6 editions of GRID and for each appointment a series of publications and art editions were produced together with the guest curators invited.


* Eddy Merckx is:

– Antonio Grulli, art critic and curator based in Bologna

– Marco Martini, art collector based in Verona

– Diego Bergamaschi, art collector based in Milano


The event will take  place on the Auditorium’s roof.
Free entrance until capacity reached.