Alvin Curran

28 July 2021, 7 pm

REwind/REcount is a series of encounters in which one can relive and listen to the stories of musicians and key figures of the Italian music scene and beyond. Through anecdotes and tracks selected by each guest, REwind/REcount narrates the story of music scenes, periods, records, labels, clubs and festivals filtered through the eyes and ears of their protagonists.


REwind/REcount is organized in collaboration with Toni Cutrone. The events are moderated by Demented Burrocacao.

More than forty years have passed since his debut with Songs and Views of the Magnetic Garden, yet Alvin Curran, who has moved from Providence to Rome, is always on the cutting edge. This may be because he is a pioneer of those fields that touch upon concrete music, improvisation, field recordings, or because he has collaborated with giants such as Evan Parker, Massimo Pupillo, Eve Egoyan, or maybe because he is the co-founder of the legendary collective Musica Elettronica Viva.   


We will cover the decades of research and experimentation by listening to selected pieces and through personal stories.



The event will take place on the terrace and starts at 7 pm. It will be in Italian.
Free with limited capacity.