Maurizio Marsico/Monofonic Orchestra

19 July 2022, 7 PM

REwind/REcount is a series of encounters in which to listen and re-experience stories of musicians and personalities of fundamental stature on the Italian music scene and elsewhere, interpreted by the eyes and ears of the protagonists.

The third and final encounter of the month will be with Maurizio Marsico, alias Mr. Monofonic Orchestra, though he has operated behind countless assumed identities. Since the 1980s he has been a semi-covert agitator of Italian (and other) music. His discography is varied, kaleidoscopic and unpredictable, covering electronics, Italo-dance/disco, New Wave and avant-garde productions. Across the 40 years of his career, from the many pearls of the past to the latest compositions, we plunge into moments of listening and memory, under the stalwart guidance of Demented Burrocacao.


The encounter takes place at the Galleria Vetrata.