SOFT CRASH – Variazioni su un incontro
A project by Lab For New Imaginations
With Leonardo Bentini, Roberto Casti, Ginevra Collini, Gabriele Ermini, Alessandra Faccini, Margherita Ferrario, Chiara Lodrini, Noa Merlini, Federico Rebecchini
Book Launch

24 March 2023, 6 pm, Bar allo Statuto, Via Leopardi 62, Rome

SOFT CRASH – Variazioni su in incontro, is a project created within the Department of Preventive Education’s Lab for New Imaginations program, held at MACRO in September 2022.

In its second edition, the program welcomed nine emerging artists, writers, designer and curators who inhabited the museum for two weeks, coming into contact with all team members and curators, collectives, artists and editors from the roman territory. Following these meetings, through a process of self-organization coordinated by the Department for Preventive Education and supported by the various departments of the museum, a collective publishing project took shape.


SOFT CRASH – Variazioni su un incontro, is an exploration of the concept of encounter seen from the perspective of its end: an unproductive, intimate, unrepeatable encounter that only in the book itself, addressed and dedicated to an ideal you, leaves a trace of its occurrence.


Consistent with the meaning given to the word “encounter,” SOFT CRASH will be presented and distributed in an informal space that of the Bar allo Statuto.



Soft Crash will be presented by the authors in different venues:

12 May 2023, 10 am
Salotto di Miranda, Turin

30 June 2023, 6 pm
Studio SBT, Milan

7 December 2023, 6 pm
Titivil, Bologna



The event is free and open to the public.
In the days following the presentation, it will be possible to find the publication at the museum bookshop or receive it by contacting the autors directly at