One Sap One Root
Lecture performance

13 January 2023, 6.30 pm

Pier Paolo Pasolini and Ezra Pound. A Pact will host One Sap One Root, a lecture performance by artist Allison Grimaldi Donahue.

A pact between poets of every generation has always existed, but the question lingers about who is permitted to be complicit in this pact. Allison Grimaldi Donahue investigates the nature of the pact between poets, the tension between anxiety and influence, and how female poets have been excluded and included, at varying historical points, in this chain of relationships.

Through a poetic and theoretical performance and via an artist’s book published for the occasion, that you can find above, Grimaldi Donahue makes space for the female voices associated respectively with Pound and Pasolini and interrogates her own position as female and poet.



ALLISON GRIMALDI DONAHUE (Middletown, CT, 1984) is a writer and artist. She is the author of Body to Mineral (Publication Studio Vancouver 2016) and On Endings (Delere Press 2019), and translated Carla Lonzi’s Self-portrait (Divided, 2021). She has recently held performances at Gavin Brown Rome, MAMbo, Almanac, Short Theatre, and Kunsthalle Bern. She lives in Bologna.



Free entrance until capacity is reached.
The event will take place in the ARRHYTHMICS section.