With the participation of Vega, Carlo Antonelli, Maria Luisa Frisa, Michele Masneri.
Contributions by Fulvio Jacometti, Mauro Piccini, Pier Francesco Pingitore, Bruna Reali, Roberto Rocchi.

3 February 2021 – 30 May 2021
#Bibliographic Office

The first “issue” of BIBLIOGRAPHIC STUDIO, the section dedicated to the universe of publishing, magazines, fanzines and books, examines the case of Playmen (1967-2001), published in Rome by Adelina Tattilo. One of the first soft-core magazines in Italy, this publishing adventure stood out from its foreign counterparts for an eclectic, experimental approach.


Playmen defied the “common sense of decency” with a unique blend of investigative journalism, lifestyle, signature photography, fiction, comics and glossy eroticism, hosting the most interesting cultural personalities of the period on its pages.


The exhibition expands the bibliographic materials into a video installation created by Vega, and features talks by Carlo Antonelli, Maria Luisa Frisa and Michele Masneri, as well as the testimonies of some of the magazine’s protagonists, like Fulvio Jacometti, Mauro Piccini, Pier Francesco Pingitore, Bruna Reali, and Roberto Rocchi.



Curator: Luca Lo Pinto
Coordinated by Sara Catenacci (curatorial) and Lorena Stamo (production)
Research and Production Assistants: Giulia Caruso, Maria Vittoria Di Sabatino, Alessia Procopio
Exhibition design: Marco Campardo
Art handling: Fabio Pennacchia
Audiovisual services: STEP srl
Graphic production: SP Systema

Heartfelt thanks to: Roberto Balsamo, Manuela Balsamo, Dario Biagi, Antonella Niccolai, Lorenzo Trivelli, Davide Rossi Doria.

For the production of the exhibition, we would like to thank: Bloodbuster, Milan; Libreria d’occasione “Simon Tanner”, Rome; Rai Direzione Teche, for permission to use recorded materials.