10 June 2021 – 19 September 2021
#Chamber Music

Enstasi is a monographic project on the musical experimentation of Franca Sacchi for the column CHAMBER MUSIC. A selection of recordings—some unpublished and made available for the occasion—retrace the evolution of her approach to sound, composition, creativity and being.

At the end of the 1960s Franca Sacchi (Milan, 1940) was one of the few women to take part in the electronic neo-avant-garde in Italy, composing works for artists like Giuseppe Chiari, Ugo La Pietra, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Paolo Scheggi. In the early 1970s she became interested in feminism, rejecting formal research and deciding to concentrate on improvisation as a method to achieve profound and universal authenticity. Since then her research—which involves music, dance, voice and yoga— enacts and teaches inner conjunction (samādhi, or en-stasis) between one’s own existence and work.



Curator: Luca Lo Pinto
Coordinated by Sara Catenacci (curatorial) and Veronica Botta (production)
Exhibition and Events Assistants: Giulia Caruso, Beatrice Schivo

Graphic production: Gimax

Heartfelt thanks to: Bruni Stucchi e Fabio Carboni – Die Schachtel, Milan; DIGITAL VILLAGE SRL, Rome.