The Educational activities at the Museum for Preventive Imagination are conceived as an additional instrument to guide you through the activities of the museum. Through the creation of physical and digital content, MACRO’s educational programme is designed along multiple levels of complexity to make the museum accessible to different audiences.



To avoid reducing the museum to mere hardware, MACRO aims to develop activities within and beyond its physical spaces. To reach this goal, the Department for Preventive Education has been conceived as a software, developing an educational programme geared towards investigation and training in the fields of art and contemporary culture. The programme offers activities for schools and academic institutions, adults, kids and families, through workshops, exhibition tours and talks.


A space and an educational programme will be dedicated to the public involved in dialogue with the themes and languages of the exhibition programme through a non-hierarchical didactic approach that emphasises on the process.
Talks and workshops are held by cultural associations and educational projects in order to encourage an accessible, creative and multidisciplinary experience of art, in addition to the direct involvement of artists and the museum’s staff.