What remains of an exhibition?
Animated guided tour for adults with Anna Tagliacozzo

6 July, 5 pm
#Guided tours

The Department for Preventive Education is proposing an animated guided tour on the occasion of the exhibition Richard Serra: Animal habitats live and stuffed… La Salita, 1966.


Anna Tagliacozzo, graduate student in Visual Art at the University of Bologna, will guide the public through the exhibition, presenting the phases of its preparation and engaging the visitors through a series of questions as a means to activate a shared reflection around some of the main themes that emerge from the exhibition project:


What remains of an exhibition composed of ephemeral works?
How does one document an exhibition?
How, and to what extent, can an exhibition be recreated? 


Tools usually adopted to document exhibitions, such as exhibition views to press materials and reviews, will be analyzed, as well as the ways in which they change over time.


The visitors themselves will take on the role of documentarists by collecting visual, sound, and textual materials belonging to the current exhibitions at MACRO, with the intention of sharing it with the other participants in the activity, in a moment of dialogue and confrontation.


Language: Italian
The activity is free. A maximum of 10 people can participate.
To take part, please write to edu@museomacro.it by 4 July.