Curated by Luci su Marte
Aimed at children from 6 to 10 years old 

Saturday 4 December, 4 pm 
#Kids and families

The workshop about body movement Fra(m)menti danzanti develops from the immersive listening of the exhibition The Extra Geography of the collective and independent label Sublime Frequencies, now presented in the CHAMBER MUSIC section of the museum. The first part of the workshop during which the partecipants will meet is dedicated to a listening session, in which they will immerse themselves in the exhibiton’s soundscape. The cut-up or musical collage—a compositional technique used by the musicians—will serve as an inspiration for the listeners to introduce the themes of the second part of the activity, which evolves around the exploration of the body. The final outcome is to experiment the possibilities of translating musical language into choreographic sequences through gestural proposals of which the participants will be interpreters and creators.


Lights on Mars is an educational dance and visual arts awareness project aimed at children and teenagers. The project was conceived by Lucia Sauro, dancer and pedagogue, and Marta Tedolfi, museum educator and art historian. Together they produce workshops for museums, cultural institutions, festivals and publishing houses, including Mambo – Museo d’arte moderna di Bologna; Pirelli HangarBicocca; Terre di Mezzo Editore; Topipittori Editore; The Blank Contemporary Art; i Ludosofici; Immagina Festival delle storie illustrate; Roots&Routes.


Free activity subject to availability, to participate write an email to by December 2nd.