Between the camel’s backs and the edible nuts, walls of grapes
Workshop led by Giorgia Garzilli

12 and 13 November 2021

The Department for Preventive Education continues its series of free workshops designed and held by the artists exhibiting at RETROFUTURE.

The workshop, led by artist Giorgia Garzilli, will investigate the relationship between image, game, and collectivity in an attempt to trigger free associations that can stimulate others in developing new and unexpected narratives.





Friday 12 November, from 6 pm to 9.30 pm


During the first day the participants will build the tria game board with the artist. The tria is an ancient game, the pattern of which is often found engraved in hidden corners of cities, as well as in Viking ships, Roman basilicas and Gothic cathedrals; for some it is simply a game, for others a real symbol of magic. The 24 pawns, 12 for each team, will be mini paintings that each participant will create during the workshop.


Saturday 13 November, from 12 pm  to 2.30 pm


The second day will be dedicated to a tria tournament with the board made together, followed by a picnic on the museum’s terrace.



The activity is free of charge and the maximum number of participants is 12.

To take part in the workshop you will need to send an e-mail by 8 pm on Friday 5 November to, with the subject title “Dorsi di cammello” and attach an image of one of your paintings/drawings with a short narrative description of it (max. 500 characters).

Students can receive a certificate of participation if requested.