Workshop curated by Riccardo Benassi

19 and 20 May 2022, from 5 pm to 8 pm 

The Department for Preventive Education continues with Riccardo Benassi its series of free workshops designed and held by the artists exhibiting at RETROFUTURE.

In relation to the presentation of the work Dancefloorensick in the RETROFUTURE section, a writing workshop will be conducted using the idea of the dancefloor as a generative epicentre. The reading and discussion of the texts that enliven the six video essays of the work will offer stimuli for the analysis of different narrative methods, conceived to synchronize individuals with their inner self and their own social context.   


The activity is free of charge and the maximum number of participants is 15. 


To take part in the workshop you will need to send an e-mail by Thursday 10 March to, with the subject title “Dancefloorensick” and attach a PDF with: 

  • one poem you have written (also and especially if you have never written one before)  
  • one title of a musical track that makes you want to dance  
  • the last graffiti you saw that made you smile. 


Students can receive a certificate of participation if requested.