Fan delle parole d’amore – Patrizia Cavalli edition
Workshop curated by Agnese Spolverini

18 July 2024, from 3 pm to 6.30 pm

Fan delle parole d’amore – Patrizia Cavalli edition is a poetry reading and writing workshop led by artist Agnese Spolverini and curated by “Senza titolo” with the participation of Phoenix aipd. 


The workshop will begin with readings aloud of some poems by Patrizia Cavalli, to which the exhibition Il sospetto del paradiso is dedicated. Participants will also be able to bring a poem to which they are particularly attached and, if they wish, read it aloud.


After the readings, they will move on to poetic composition using words from Cavalli’s poems, playing with the cut-up technique. 


The invitation is to write love poems, being inspired by the poet’s epigrammatic writing, using everyday vocabulary that characterizes her work, without direct personal reference.


The workshop aims to bring the voices of others, in this specific case Patrizia Cavalli’s, into an intimate exercise that then becomes a collective practice. To pass on, write, rewrite and reshape the poet’s words, so forms and meanings can become our own and be convidivse anew.


The poems created will then be photocopied, and participants will be invited to take a walk through the museum. During this walk, they will be able to leave the original poems folded and hidden in various places for passersby to casually find.



The workshop is aimed for young adults. Some places will be reserved for people with Down syndrome. 

The activity is free with reservations required by sending an email to