Hervé Guibert: This and More

Until 21 May 2023

On the occasion of the exhibition Hervé Guibert: This and More, curated by Anthony Huberman, on view in ARRHYTHMICS until 21 May 2023, the Department for Preventive Education has structured a series of activities aimed at the public to enliven the exhibition project and make visitors participants in the artist’s creative process.


While the photographic work of Guibert is generally associated with portraiture, in this case the exhibition explores a body of works in which he instead captures the absence of the physical body: the images do not contain faces, but inanimate objects, interiors and domestic spaces laden with memories and emotions that suggest the presence of people behind the scenes. 


Having chosen one or more of the activities listed below, you can send your photographic or textual entries to edu@museomacro.it with the subject of the email “This and More” along with your name. Submissions will be published in the SUPPLEMENT section.

Activity 1

Imagine a scene, a memory, of which you never managed to take a picture, but whose image is very vivid in your mind. Try to describe the photograph of that moment that you never managed to take. The text should be submitted as a doc version and should have a maximum length of 1,500 words.


Activity 2

Take a portrait of a person without ever photographing the person.


Activity 3

Make a self-portrait of yourself without ever photographing yourself.


Activity 4

Keep a photo journal on a day when you are home alone. Submit a maximum of 5 pictures.


Activity 5

Make a portrait of an inhabited place. Submit a maximum of 5 pictures.



On 4 April 2023, at 6 pm, there will be a guided tour of the exhibition introducing the following activities.