Me l’ha consigliata la mia terapeuta
Curated by Roberto Fassone

2 December, from 4 pm until 7 pm
3 December, from 11 am to 3 pm

The Department of Preventive Education is continuing with Roberto Fassone‘s series of free, in-person workshops designed and implemented by artists featured in the RETROFUTURE section.

During the workshop, participants will be asked to do a series of literature searches in the comments section of their favorite songs on Youtube. The set of comments will be compiled into a small publication and will become the cue to collectively re-listen to the music from an unprecedented and imaginary perspective. 


Appropriation, authorship, social media, literature and remixes will then be discussed during the workshop. 


Recommended to me by my therapist is a comment found under this song.  


To take part in the workshop, you can send an email by 24 November with the subject line “Me l’ha consigliato la mia terapista” with a motivational letter attached that contains three interesting comments found on Youtube. What do you mean by interesting? Curious, peculiar, unique, poetic, fascinating, idiotic, that make you cry a lot, that make you laugh a lot, that make you exclaim “Wow what a great comment!”.