Workshop for artistic practice for kids

21 and 28 October 2021, from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm

PrACTease is a workshop of artistic practices that acts as a bridge between MACRO – Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome and teenagers eager to get in touch with the contemporary forms of expression.


The museum programme is the framework through which the meetings will explore the underlying practices of artworks on display.


PrACTease invites participants to “train” their eyes to look and guides them in how to experience and feel artworks by broadening their perceptive and expressive skills. The workshop offers a younger audience opportunities and tools to connect, create and practice new skills, encouraging  them to initiate mutual contact.


The workshop will revolve around two 2-hour meetings led by expert art-therapists Rosa Martino and Lea Walter.


PrACTease establishes a network of groups who will work together for the first time on the themes of Art and Education. These are the Department for Preventive Education of MACRO, the cultural association noMade and the social promotion association Il Fiore del Deserto, which supports minors on a psychological and social level.


PrACTease, initially known as Living Archive, is a collection of practices that started during the first edition of the Master PACS (Performing Arts and Community Spaces) promoted by the Faculty of Architecture Roma 3 and PalaExpo that took place in spaces of Mattatoio and Pelanda from January 2020 to June 2021.


There are exercises in listening, observation and creation capable of opening paths in terms of awareness, particularly in relation to our bodies, space and time.


Each activity that has been submitted by 11 different artists and researchers has been translated into an image, a symbolic icon used to suggest what is most necessary to practice in the here and now.


The idea stems from Chiara Prodi and Lea Walter’s desire to share the Living Archive with anyone who can benefit from it.


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