Until the End of Time 
Workshop curated by Parasite 2.0

20 and 21 October 2022, from 5 pm to 8 pm  

The Department for Preventive Education continues with Parasite 2.0 its series of free workshops designed and held by the artists exhibiting at RETROFUTURO. 


The workshop continues the reflection started by Parasite 2.0 with Fuzzy Architecture#3, a series of interventions that transform the surrounding space in an ephemeral way.

In De architectura, Vitruvio defines “firmitas”, that is, the solidity and permanence that allows a building to endure over time and be eternal, as one of the three rules that must be observed for perfect architecture. While architecture seems to be made to last forever, instead our inhabiting of it is transitory. We change rooms, houses, neighbourhoods and cities, but with each of these places and their innermost corners we develop feelings, affinities, affections, linked to stories, happenings or simple everyday life.   


During the workshop we will focus precisely on the feelings we have for certain buildings, artifacts and architecture. Through a series of walks in the Salario neighbourhood, love stories between human beings and architectural artifacts will be imagined and then transformed into a widespread installation.



The activity is free of charge and the maximum number of participants is 15.  

To take part in the workshop you will need to send an e-mail by Monday 10 October to edu@museomacro.it, with the subject title “Until the End of Time”and attach a picture of a corner of your home that you are fond of and a short text in which you tell why (max. 500 characters).  

Students can receive a certificate of participation if requested.