Alto e chiaro

Alto e chiaro is a piece for voice and piano written by Franca Sacchi in 1971, which plays on the relationship between the expectations, the imagination of the listener and the actual performance of the piece.


The performance you can listen to here was realized by Franca Sacchi in March 2021 in her studio in Milan, specifically for Museum for Preventive Imagination.


From 10 June to 19 September 2021 you can visit Enstasi, a monographic project completely dedicated to Franca Sacchi’s sound experimentation, in the CHAMBER MUSIC section.




FRANCA SACCHI (Milan, 1940) is a musician, artist, singing and yoga teacher who lives in Milan. At a very young age she studied piano and composition at the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi in Milan, which she left to devote herself to electroacoustics, first at the Studio di Fonologia RAI, then at the ORTF in Paris and in Brussels with Léo Kupper. She also studied dance, yoga, opera singing and Gregorian chant. In the mid-1960s Sacchi was one of the few women to participate in the electronic and concrete neo-avantgarde in Italy and collaborated with artists such as Giuseppe Chiari, Ugo La Pietra, Michelangelo Pistoletto, and Paolo Scheggi. In 1973 she shifted her attention from composition to improvisation and presented her first album, published by Galleria Toselli. In 1986 she founded the Compagnia Alta Pratica d’Arte. Franca Sacchi has been teaching yoga since 1968, and she is an honorary life member of the World Yoga Council based in New Delhi.