Frigidaire magazine was born on 28 October 1980, and came out on newsstands at the price of two thousand lire. Its first and only editor was named Vincenzo Sparagna, and along with him were five future glories of Italian comics: Andrea Pazienza, Tanino Liberatore, Filippo Scozzari, Massimo Mattioli and Stefano Tamburini, protagonist of the exhibition Accelerazione, on view until 25 August 2024.


Frigidaire was not just a magazine, but an incendiary way of life and perhaps the last true avant-garde of the Italian twentieth century: all its protagonists had gone through the crazy and turbulent 1970s.


Frigo!!! podcast, written by Nicolò Porcelluzzi and Ivan Carozzi for Chora Media, traces the history of the most creative, explosive, and unpredictable of Italian magazines through the stories of those who were there and those who were not.