BLESS Nº29 Wallscapes

Founded in 1995 by Desiree Heiss and Ines Kaag, Bless is a transdisciplinary studio working on the edges of fashion, product design and the gestural (in the form of objects or constellations of objects).  
Bless resists definitions: her approach focuses on the practice of modifying or adding to existing objects to create new and often unexpected alternatives. The self-dubbed “situation designers”, emerges during the 1990s by making garments when fashion industry began to permeate and define popular culture at an unprecedented rate. Challenging the mechanisms of that world, Bless developed new formal, aesthetic and economic codes that radically challenged it.


Quickly the Bless’ practice began to incorporate everything related not only to garmet, but also to all things related to shelter. Taking things of the everyday, that are needed and usually unappealing, to pieces of fun and beauty. A vacuum cleaner that looks like a chair or extension cords that are adorned with bangles and beads. 

The products she makes and wears are at once practical, conceptual and surreal. Bless doesn’t do shows, she doesn’t do exhibitions, rather she transforms these into everyday environments. Her collections resist time and place, whilst embodying and embracing reality—the home, the office, the city, the museum.


That’s the case with of BLESS N°29 Wallscapes, a series of wallpapers designed for the BLESS fits every style exhibition held at the Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam in 2006. In keeping with the need to not simply present their own creations, but to develop everyday living environments, whether office or domestic spaces, the Wallscapes are images of real interiors in which BLESS products live or have lived. They also include three-dimensional shelves and objects that virtually blend into the two-dimensional space increasing the feeling of confusion and disorientation, as if entering a collage.

25 Years of Always Stress with BLESS on show until 12 May, is the first institutional show in Italy dedicated to the work of the designers and features more of 25 years of products, situations, and collaborations, all set in a newly conceived environment, that reflects a 360° of all the shiny and the shady sides of always stress with Bless.