Billboards, Roma Città Eterna

Around the city of Rome a series of billboards by Tony Cokes is present. They act as an expansion of the artist’s exhibition This isn’t Theory. This is History. They are spread out across the city, thanks to a collaboration with APA, and can be considered as opportunities for introspection, ideas for an action of thought or reflections on what surrounds us.


They are phrases on monochrome backgrounds extracted from the artist’s videos showing right now in the SOLO/MULTI section. It is project that intertwines image, sound and word to reflect on the most significant issues of our time, such as racism, violence, and capitalism, and to explore the ways in which music and mass media simultaneously reflect and condition the reality in which we live. Various images can be viewed in this gallery, but many others are present on the museum’s social channels (InstagramFacebook) and published during the summer.