Vestiti al Video
With Cinzia Ruggeri, Corrado Levi, Metamorphosi, Mario Schifano, Denis Santachiara

On the night of 18-19 April 1986, for the passage of Halley’s Comet, an exhibition titled Vestiti al Video was opened at Galleria Locus Solus, Via Garibaldi 9, Genoa.


Corrado Levi, by request of Vittorio Dapelo and Uberta Sannazzaro, invited Cinzia Ruggeri to take part in the project as its sole protagonist; it was Cinzia who decided to make her works coexist in the exhibition space along with those of other artists, including Corrado himself.


As indicated on the postcard invitation for the show, the other participants included Denis Santachiara and Metamorphosi.


A continuous video installation could be seen on two screens in the spaces of the gallery:

  • Fall/Winter collection 1986-87 by Cinzia Ruggeri
  • Gioielli Guaritori by Corrado Levi
  • Video installation by Metamorphosi
  • In diretta dalla Luna by Mario Schifano
  • Bava by Denis Santachiara


All the works, as if balanced in the space, seemed to be tuned to the same channel, synchronized to the same rhythm.


The gallery on Via Garibaldi had a yellow terrazzo floor. The yellow reflection that struck the works was very aggressive, creating problems for certain artists – especially Ettore Spalletti, as one might well imagine. 


Instead, Cinzia fell in love with it. She would also have liked to cover it with a layer of Genoese “farinata” (chick pea flatbread), which has more or less the same hue. Unfortunately this project never came to be.


From the memories of VD collected and assembled by Giovanna Manzotti.