Exhibited works #1

On the occasion of the exhibition …E Prini, on show until 31 March 2024 in the SOLO/MULTI section, the following is a insight of the exhibited work La Pimpa Il Vuoto. The texts, extracted from the documents presented in the exhibition, available in both Italian and English, deepen and expand the entire narrative framework of the project.

La Pimpa Il Vuoto is the solo exhibition Prini installed in 2008 at Galleria Giorgio Persano in Turin. The artist selected and borrowed some cartoons from the comic strip La Pimpa by Francesco Tullio-Altan, privileging similarity of composition and homogeneity of subject-matter: La Pimpa and their companion, Armando, thus always appear at the end of their day. The 22 images are scanned, translated into black and-white, enlarged and printed on Dibond aluminium composite plates. These were hung on the walls of the entire gallery, in an arrangement that favoured the distance between the groups of images and the emptiness of the space between them: for the artist, the photographs served to signify the emptiness of the gallery. After seeing the exhibition, the art critic and curator Hans Ulrich Obrist decided to conduct an interview with Prini from which the text Un viaggio senza compromessi was born. Prini read the transcript and decided to use an extract to create a manifesto. Subsequently, the artist intervened directly on the words used by the critic, modifying some of them and erasing others with a red felt-tip pen.