Exhibited works #4

On the occasion of the exhibition …E Prini, on show until 31 March 2024 in the SOLO/MULTI section, the following is a insight of one of the exhibited work. The texts, extracted from the documents presented in the exhibition, available in both Italian and English, deepen and expand the entire narrative framework of the project. 

Towards the end of 1960’s, Emilio Prini began a series of surveys of portions and architectural details present in Genoa and later in Rome, including streets, staircases, steps, walls and underground passages. These explorations and measurements of public spaces inhabited by the artist remain in the form of photographic studies in which he is often portrayed from behind. In 1995 Prini’s surveys were translated into three-dimensional objects, on the occasion of the solo exhibition Fermi in Dogana at the Ancienne Douane in Strasbourg. Built in wood or iron, they became architectural volumes that translated the idea of the cast as an unrepresented dimension.