Grape walls

There isn’t much difference between the magical and the everyday, the artist Giorgia Garzilli explained in the interview we filmed with her at the museum some time back. According to the painter, one is part of the other. Together they form a nourishing relation in which the fantastic undead exist next to takeaway boxes of chinese food–in the case of Ring which is part of the museum’s RETROFUTURE section–to narrate stories we did not expect to exist. Just like this one below. 

“A damp smile, victim of its own fatal attraction to a semi-abstract space, shone among xenolithic artifacts hidden among rabbit burrows. Here the desire of the senses was able to produce countless intercellular concatenations. 


An achingly tempting soup of molecules disturbed the deep silence that preceded the birth of day, and provocative and refined forms reigned in the spaces between worlds, while objects made of non-organic matter marked both continuity and simultaneity. 


A series of compulsive repetitions sucked open the cells of the severed flaps, while the false memories of her voyage in the primordial sea caused her a sonic hallucination exposed to cosmic storms. 


Embedding it in her mucilaginous pulp, W. responded to her thought. To the amorous tension was added the idea of possession, in a mystical ecstasy in which W. was surprised to live and forgetting herself, she surrendered to the charm of the unknown. 


The combination of possible cases destroyed the illusion of a linearity, while colonies of voracious whirling microorganisms assumed a cryptic and evocative poetic opacity. 


A story that could not be separated from the story of everything else and that, trapped in mythical structures, drew power from the portions of space within it that generated a blanket of cooled lava. 


The artifice of W.’s gestures provoked glacially dreamlike and darkly psychedelic scenes surrounded by a slurry of acidic mucus that penetrated the voids of knowledge. 


Pulsing beyond the boundaries of the ordinary, these gestures generated an incongruous reality effect that caused memory lapses and narrative gaps defined by the lack of any point of reference.”