Pier Paolo Pasolini ed Ezra Pound. A Pact

On the occasion of the exhibition Pier Paolo Pasolini and Ezra Pound. A Pact, running until February 19, 2023 in the ARRHYTHMICS section, the following is a selection of texts extracted from the documents presented in the exhibition itinerary. Available in both Italian and English, the materials deepen and expand the entire narrative framework of the exhibition project. 

In Studi Danteschi, no. 35, 1958. Review by Domenico De Robertis of Pound’s “inspired and unbiased” examination of an English translation of Dante’s Inferno, and its rebuttal by Gianfranco Contini, always a reference point for Pasolini


Ezra Pound, reproduction of the unpublished letter addressed to Giorgio Almirante, 1959


Gino Andermarker, reproduction of an unpublished letter addressed to Giorgio Almirante, 11 June 1959


List of the editions of works by Ezra Pound found in the library of Pier Paolo Pasolini


Pier Paolo Pasolini, “I custodi interessati della follia di Dino Campana e Ezra Pound”, in Tempo, weekly newspaper, year XXXV, no. 50. Mondadori, Milan, 16 December 1973


Pier Paolo Pasolini, “Scrittori e poeti che commuovono e cittadini desiderosi di lode”, in Tempo, weekly newspaper, year XXXV, no. 16. Mondadori, Milano 22 aprile 1973


Enzo Siciliano, “APPENDICE – Pasolini: la vita, la poesia”, in Vita di Pasolini. Mondadori, Milan 2005


“Saluto e augurio” is a farewell in which the ageing poet passes on the legacy of his struggle to a young fascist, Fedro. It is the last poem, which concludes La nuova gioventù, Einaudi, Turin 1975. It was also included in the posthumously published tragedy Bestia da stile, as “Frammento VI: Praga” (Pier Paolo Pasolini, Porcile, Orgia, Bestia da stile. Garzanti, Milan 1979)


Reproduction of the 1956 “Petition for the liberation of Ezra Pound” with signatures by the principle Italian poets and writers of the time. The petition was not signed by Pier Paolo Pasolini


Giuseppe Ungaretti, column “Italia domanda”. In Epoca, year VII, no. 276. Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, Milan 15 January 1956


Belvedere, year III, no. 1. Milan 1931
on pp. 5-8 the interview by Francesco Monotti with Ezra Pound