Ecology Without Nature

Situated in philosophy and ecology, Timothy Morton’s research often questions the nature of nature, the relation between the human and the natural as well as the non-human (read Spectres of the Non-Human here) and not natural, and whether such distinctions can be made at all.


He has the most fascinating website titled ECOLOGY WITHOUT NATURE which functions partly as a blog and partly as a resource ranging from help on how to decide for a PhD topic (he writes: «What Kind of Expertise Do You Want? That’s the question, the only question that should really bother you, as you plan your Ph.D. dissertation. When you think of yourself in ten years time, what kind of expertise, and in what field, do you hope for? If you have trouble with this, think of it another way. Imagine the New Yorker wants to do a piece on something. Imagine the editor thinks of calling you to ask your opinion, or to write something. What do you want them to call about? Why are they calling you and not some other scholar?») to an introduction to OOO, object-oriented ontology, which is the philosophical school or field Morton is part of. All in all, his website is an aesthetically 90s-themed gem for future thought.


At PIANETA COME FESTIVAL XL which is organised by MACRO together with Terraforma Festival, Timothy Morton will be livestreamed with a timely lecture titled Reopening is Lockdown, Lockdown is Reopening at 3pm on Thursday, 30 October 2020. Click here to book your time slot.