Marco Bay

This content is part of the new digital section of the museum called VIRIDITAS, created to offer the public a tool to enrich their gaze towards the climate change.

In the garden of my childhood.
Stretched out on the grass, the Hasselblad in my hands, eyes on the viewfinder.
Bellows in foreground, intentionally out of focus.
The grove of beech trees and conifers planted by my great-grandfather, in the background.
Lunar, metallic light.
Ephemeral and age-old.
The climate will determine the green of the future forest.
A new ecological embrace between man and nature has to be enacted for tomorrow’s landscape.



MARCO BAY, Milanese, took a degree in Architecture in 1993 at the Milan Polytechnic. Two mentors introduced him to landscape architecture: Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe and Nena Balsari. In 1997 he opened his own studio for projects of garden and landscape design. The firm’s work is based on the idea that every project starts from architecture, respect for history and the ecosystem of the site, to then achieve balance in an ideal whole. He designs gardens through rigorous, contemporary drawings, portraying spatial qualities, which help him to bring out the landscape, making it visible without overwhelming the spirit of the place.