Alva Noto’s research shifts constantly between visual and sonic languages, of which he investigates the physical qualities and expressive possibilities with the aim of getting beyond the narrow confines of traditionally encoded music. 


HYbr:ID, began in 2021, is conceived as a new path of research in progress, marked by the simultaneous presence of heterogeneous compositional methods that converge in a set of tracks in which Noto creates aural cosmogonies that recombine geometries, dystopias, and scientific references. 


In this video, which featured a live performance of HYbr:ID held in 2021 at Singapore’s ArtScience Museum, Noto makes the visual components that manifest the performativity inherent in the various devices he uses to generate sounds and compose, which, once set certain parameters, manifest their own independent vitality. For Noto “The beauty of electronic music is represented by the ghost in the machine”.

This interest in the life of machines also denotes his relationship with science and its history: at times skeptical of the newest technologies, the artist often turns his gaze to inventions of the recent and distant past, tracing in them, and in the attitude of their inventors, a principle of poetic inspiration; this idea is inscribed in the broader desire to establish a constant parallelism between artist and scientist, which often leads him to integrate multiple scientific paradigms into his thinking. 


With HYbr:ID, on view until 25 August 2024, Alva Noto presents his series of same-titled compositions, offering a preview of the third chapter that has yet to be released.