Live performances

This video proposes the live performances by musicians Mauro Remiddi, MAI MAI MAI and Anne-James Chaton, held in the spaces of Galleria Vetrata on 1 July 2021


Mauro Remiddi proposed new material, created as usual working primarily with electronic music, exploring and experimenting with the song format and the voice’s texture. 


MAI MAI MAI presented an A / V Set linked to the last album released (Isola / Action). Conceived during the first Spring 2020 lockdown, it represents a sound painting of the quarantine experience. With meditative and hypnotic sounds he tries to explore and strengthen the mind’s abilities to abstract and rise, in conflict with any state of blockage and physical constriction. 


Anne-James Chaton performed his new series of Evénéments. After Evénéments 99 (Al dante, 2001) and Evénéments 09 (Raster-noton, 2011), Anne-James Chaton continued to listen to the contemporary world through textual traces that it continuously produces. This new opus of Evénements reveals new figures and other world geographies. Languages have also changed, as has the author’s composing process, who revisits this monodic flow of information every decade.