9 min, color, sound

This episode of MEET THE ARTIST is dedicated to Giorgio Di Noto (Roma, 1990), writer and artist included in the RETROFUTURE section, the collection of works by young Italian artists growing organically with time.


In this video Di Noto introduces us to the work he presented: Untitled, from the series The Offing, 2018, chromogenic printing (c-print) mounted on a Duratrans Lightbox support, featuring images used by the ISIS communication agency to celebrate and advertise the Caliphate. This operation leads the artist to reflect on the role of images, on their deceptive power, on the ambivalence of communication.


There is a distance between ethics and aesthetics of images, between what the pictures represent for us and what they actually illustrate, between us and the device through which we see them. By placing a photographic sheet on the screen which shows the pictures, the film is impressed by the light and the image is recorded, but represents his distance.


How does our perception transform itself when we discover that these images, aesthetically pleasing and familiar, were created by ISIS terrorists?