6 min, color, sound

This episode of MEET THE ARTIST is dedicated to Rä di Martino, artist whose work—along with those of other artists—joined the exhibition dedicated to Simone Carella, present in the POLYPHONY section of the museum from 3 February to 6 June 2021. Entitled AAAAAI (2020), it is a video projected on a Hantarex monitor in which an imaginary dialogue with Simone Carella is developed starting from a photograph of one of his set designs from his archives. The post-processed image is transformed into a three-dimensional set in which the artist intervenes, adding gestures and movements.


Rä di Martino (Rome, 1975) is a visual artist and film-maker.  She deals principally with our perception of reality and fiction, drawing attention to the absurdity of representing either. The artist’s background in theatre and her passion for film emerge not just in her videos, but in photographic and installation work. Sets, actors and props are used variously to pick apart subjects as diverse as human relationships, cinematographic traditions, the theatre of war, and the fabrication of history.