Le Colonne della Colombo, 2023

On 12 October 2023, the day on which Columbus Day is celebrated in the United States, artist Pauline Curnier Jardin and the Feel Good Cooperative collective, an art collective that brings together a group of Colombian trans sex workers founded by the artist herself with architect and researcher Serena Olcuire, realized the performance Le Colonne della Colombo at EUR. 

Also a well-know meeting point between sex workers and their clients, EUR is traversed by via Cristoforo Colombo, a road leading to the center of the city built by Mussolini to re-position Italy as a colonial power. For the occasion, the collective traversed the neighborhood’s public spaces in a performative journey of re-signification through EUR’s fascist urban planning and architecture and its colonial spectres. 


The teaser of the performance is included in Triviale, a project with which for the first time Feel Good Cooperative presents its work in exhibition form in the same city in which it has been conceiving and creating a collective practice. A theatrical set in which the public and the domestic nature of sex work are enacted and themes of gender identity, migration, the legacy of colonialism are humorously elaborated on.


The performance has been co-realized by LOCALES and Jindřich Chalupecký Society, Prague City Gallery, with the support of Sant’Andrea de Scaphis, Rome and in collaboration with MACRO — Museum of Contemporary art of Rome.