Testimonies about Patrizia Vicinelli

In coordination with the exhibition Chi ha paura di Patrizia Vicinelli, on view in the ARRHYTHMICS section until 27 February 2022, MACRO presents four video interviews conducted by the scholar Jonida Prifti with Nanni Balestrini (poet), Daniela Rossi (organizer of poetry events), Laura Cuccoli (former cellmate of Vicinelli) and Maurizio Spatola (poet, brother of Adriano Spatola). Their precious remarks were gathered in 2014, at the time of the first solo show on Patrizia Vicinelli at the Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea (Sapienza Università, Rome), curated by Carla Subrizi. The interviews allow views to approach the figure of Vicinelli from different angles, enabling us to explore her world and practice in an even more comprehensive way.


In memory of Laura Cuccoli.


Jonida Prifti, poetess / performer, vocalist and translator / interpreter from Albanian to Italian and vice versa, born in Berat (Albania) in 1982, emigrated to Italy (Rome) in 2001. She graduated in 2010 with a master thesis on the Italian poetess Patrizia Vicinelli. Among the publications: Non voglio partorire un corpo di plastica (Alfabeta2, 2010); Ajenk (Transeuropa, 2011); Stazione degli occhi (Kurumuny ed., 2021). In 2008, she founded the sound poetry duo Acchiappashpirt with Stefano Di Trapani. Among the publications: Flutura (UK); Tola (Canti Magnetici); Strangerivers (Filibusta Rec.); G e n e r a t A (Upitup UK). Together, since 2010, they have organized the international sound poetry poem “Poesia Carnosa”.