Opening 8 July, h. 5 pm – 8 pm

8 July 2021 – 24 October 2021

Daybed presents an overview of the research of graphic designer Julie Peeters for the IN-DESIGN column. Her approach can be defined as “image-heavy”: it centres around the printed image, visual archives of pictures and the results they generate. BILL, the annual magazine she founded in 2017, is a sort of manifesto of Peeters’ obsessive investigation on the image, focusing exclusively on a chain of photographic stories and narratives, without text. 


This on-going interpretation of images is associated, in Peeters’ work, with a multidisciplinary approach. It takes form in the exhibition through an object with multiple functions, a furnishing element that becomes a platform of encounter and discussion with a series of guests. The process activated by this device will be returned to the status of image, captured by a camera that will monitor the evolution of the exhibition, and lastly documented in a publication.