Per l’estate del 2020 MACRO presenta TRACCE / TRACES, una mostra di Lawrence Weiner prodotta dal museo per uscire dai suoi spazi canonici e svolgersi in cielo, manifestandosi in una serie di banner aerei sul tratto di litorale che va da Ladispoli ad Anzio.

Are they so sure?
[estratto da SCAD deFINE ART 2019]


Lawrence Weiner is an artist
art is to be used
by people to find their place underneath the sun


what is sculptural about your work
finding your place underneath the sun
finding dignity of your materials 


art is about relations: objects to humans
you’re fine
you’re not wasting your time


i’m not a doctor, i’m not a pilot
i just want to change the world


you don’t have to be anything special
you just have to do it special 


it’s not even a mistake
it’s just not necessary


honesty is not modesty
how did you survive?
the kindness of strangers


the role of the artist
what the hell
we don’t even know what art is


destroying dreams
It’s hard to talk about the sand when you’re out on the sea


all meanings we give to things we give to things
there is no right and wrong