Lisa Ponti, Io sono un disegno
Humboldt Books, 2023

Il disegno di una mostra


English, Italian

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Paperback, colour, 23×32,5 cm



The monograph dedicated to Lisa Ponti (1922–2019), daughter of the famous architect and designer Gio Ponti, tells the story of a figure who remained unexplored at great length. Through a wide selection of drawings and writings, along with her conversations with artists, gallery owners and designers – published over the course of half a century in the magazines Domus and Stile – a personality constantly involved and in relationship with leading figures of the international artistic scene. Published by Humboldt Books with MACRO – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Roma on the occasion of the exhibition Il disegno di una mostra, hosted in the #ARRHYTHMICS section of the museum (7 July 2022 – 30 October 2022), the volume also features a 2012 conversation between Lisa Ponti and Luca Lo Pinto, curator of the exhibition and editor of the volume, as well as an extended biography by Fabio Marino and an introductory text by Salvatore Licitra. An extended bibliography also documents Lisa Ponti’s intense publishing activity.


The publication was made possible thanks to the support of the General Directorate for Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry of Culture as part of the Italian Council programme (2021). 


Edited by: Luca Lo Pinto 
Publishing Editor: Stefania Scarpini 
Editorial Coordinator: Lisa Andreani 
Archive Research: Lisa Andreani, Fabio Marino, Carlotta Pierleoni 
Production: Veronica Botta 
Texts: Salvatore Licitra, Luca Lo Pinto, Fabio Marino, Lisa Ponti 
Translations: Bennett Bazalgette-Staples, Francesca Mazzocco (pp. 15-22) 
Design: Valerio Di Lucente 
Fundraising: Lison D’Houwt 
Published by: Humboldt Books 
Printing: Longo SpA 
Distribution: ALI, Les presses du réel