Cinzia Ruggeri: Cinzia says…
Mousse Publishing, 2022

Cinzia says…


English, Italian

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soft cover, 22×32 cm



The monograph Cinzia Ruggeri: Cinzia says…, curated by Luca Lo Pinto, published by Mousse Publishing, is presented as a large, expanded chronology in which the scientific reconstruction of Cinzia Ruggeri’s (1942-2019) life is amplified by an extensive iconographic set of archive materials, photographs and documents. The volume was realised thanks to the support of the Italian Council (IX edition, 2020), the programme for the international promotion of Italian art of the General Directorate for Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry of Culture, on the occasion of the first retrospective dedicated to the artist, stylist and designer held in the SOLO/MULTI section from 14 April to 28 August 2022.


Edited by Luca Lo Pinto
Associate Editor: Lisa Andreani
Publishing Editor: Antonio Scoccimarro
Coordinator for Archive Research: Elena Fava (Università Iuav di Venezia, IR.IDE, laboratorio PRIDE)
Archive Research: Laura Salvo
Producer: Lorena Stamo
Chronology: Elena Fava, Laura Salvo
Texts: Mariuccia Casadio, Elena Fava, Maria Luisa Frisa, Corrado Levi, Luca Lo Pinto, Valeria Magli, Giancarlo Maiocchi, Sarah McCrory, Marco Poma e Andrea Gianotti, Mauro Sabbione, Davide Stucchi e Anna Franceschini, Jeppe Ugelvig.
Translations: Aurelia Di Meo, Shanti Evans, Elisabetta Zoni
Copy Editors: Lindsey Westbrook, Agnese Cantelmi
Art Direction: Francesco Valtolina
Graphic Design: Francesco Valtolina
Pubblicato e distribuito da Mousse Publishing
The project is promoted by Roma Culture and Azienda Speciale Palaexpo.