Franco Mazzucchelli
Quadreria 2050

Franco Mazzucchelli, Quadreria 2050


English, Italian

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15x15cm comprising 172 inside pages printed in 4 colours in white and vaulted on 150g glossy coated paper; cover, unprinted, on 210g sirio black paper. All stitched and bound.

Quadreria 2050 is an edition derived from the site-specific installation of the same title which Franco Mazzucchelli presented at MACRO – Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome starting in June 2021. Connected with the artist’s series Bieca Decorazione (pure decoration), a definition utilized by Mazzucchelli since the 1970s for projects in which his inflatable pieces are installed on the wall, the work is hosted in an “unofficial” display space: the museum’s café. In the text that accompanies the publication, Luca Lo Pinto describes it as “a gargantuan and timeless picture gallery, visually tactile and materially retinal”, a black landscape poised between the second and third dimensions”.  

The book reproduces the single modules of the installation without offering an overall vision of the work, leaving the reader free to imagine the effect produced.  


Edited by: Luca Lo Pinto
Editorial and Production Coordinator: Veronica Botta
Text: Luca Lo Pinto
Translations: Stephen Piccolo, Chiara C. Siravo
Photographic documentation: Olivia Lynk
Photo editing: Piercarlo Quecchia – DSL Studio
Published by: Azienda Speciale Palaexpo / MACRO – Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome
First edition 2023
Printed in: 500 copies
Printing: Grafiche Antiga SpA
Cover design: Munari Materie Plastiche S.r.l.