6 April 2024, from 10.30 am until 12.30 pm and from 1.30 pm until 5 pm  


The schedule of appointments of A Mente Libera, the experimental project promoted by Roma Capitale and Ufficio di scopo per le Politiche giovanili to help younger people learn more about mental wellness issues, continues. A meeting and workshop dedicated to Eating Disorders will be held on 6 April with the participation of Riccardo Williams, professor of Dynamic Psychology at La Sapienza University, journalist and senator Filippo Sensi, and the associations Animenta, DAI, and FoodForMind. A Mente Libera is a project aimed at the 18 – 30 age group, consisting of meetings and workshops with professionals and testimonials, free and individual dialogues with experts to talk about and explore the issue of youth distress. The project sees the collaboration of Farmacap Psychologists, Sapienza University of Rome, Zètema, PalaExpo and Biblioteche di Roma.