@Campo di Marte
30 March 2021 h. 11 am

Inclusive dance lesson by Parkinzone in collaboration with the Laboratorio d’Arte of Palazzo delle Esposizioni.

Dance Well is a project born in 2013 in Bassano del Grappa in collaboration with CSC, Center for the Contemporary Scene. The project inaugurated at  Palazzo delle Esposizioni in 2019, with the exhibition ‘Sublimi Anatomie’ and has become a permanent appointment in the museum. An open, inclusive dance lesson dedicated to curious visitors who want to test themselves and experience dancing in the exhibition space, among the works, dialoguing through the body with signs, gestures, colors, materials, and space.


The project is based on the healthy impact that dance, as an artistic practice, can have on the neurological system, physical performance and development of people with Parkinson’s Disease and beyond. 


Dance Well brings  dance into museums, galleries, gardens and parks. Wherever there is beauty, or where the context can be a creative stimulus and a source of inspiration. But the project also feeds on the enrichment that the mixed group brings with it, made up of citizens, Parkinson’s patients, students, dancers, asylum seekers, people with reduced mobility and blind people. The result is the creation of a real inclusive community,, which underlines the importance of combinationing culture with health.


The Palazzo delle Esposizioni Laboratorio d’Arte was founded in 2000 on the occasion of  the exhibition,‘Tempo! Journey into the idea and representation of time’ and since then it has as its main objective to bring different audiences, especially younger ones, closer to art, offering new and original paths to observe and interpret reality with the languages ​​of the contemporary.


The exhibition is presented by Irene Angenica – Department for Preventive Education, Carlotta Bortesi will lead the lesson.
The activity is free and can be experienced live online on facebook.
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