Ezra Pound,  reproduction of the unpublished letter addressed to Giorgio Almirante, 1959 


Through an intermediary, Ezra Pound proposes a program for the creation of a new political party to Giorgio Almirante, founder of the Movimento Sociale Italiano.   

Private collection 



Dear Gino, here is a position statement. 


PROGRAM in search of a party. 


  • that the perversion of history, neither ancient nor contemporary, should not be accepted.
  • that at least a part of the leadership should have the courage to apprehend FACTS and possibilities that will serve Moscow if the defenders of European civilization do not have the sense to apprehend them, that is if the Europeans are more idiotic than the Russians and the Americans are corrupted by their rule of usury the Muscovites will arrive FIRST at the light.

the SYSTEM of taxes in all the countries of the world is today so imbecilic and so incompetent as to surprise even a Renan. 

The universities of the USA are 99% devoted to the propagation of ignorance and absolute imbecility.  

An original letter signed by Ezra Pound, whose restitution is kindly requested should it not be of interest. 


Gino Andermarcker
Hotel Grande Italia e Lido