Pier Paolo Pasolini, “Scrittori e poeti che commuovono e cittadini desiderosi di lode”, in Tempo,  weekly newspaper, year XXXV, no. 16. Mondadori, Milano 22 aprile 1973. 



He [Pound] frequently cannot conceal – in these “Fascist” writings of his – the sympathy he in principle feels for the Bolshevism which is the object of his hatred. […] It was in fact inevitable that he should see it as the only worthy attempt to affirm an antique and ideal way of life against the materialism and cynicism of modern capitalism. And yet, with a “gesture” theatrical in essence, Pound opted for Fascism (on account of its overtly idealist programme), and pretended to believe its rhetoric of antiquity. Besides being patently insane, Pound’s politics are gestural. Once the “gesture” has been made, all justification is superfluous, not to say impossible. Gestures are self-explanatory, and exhaustive. Words are dispensable. This is why Pound’s “economic” statements are delirious and even idiotic: they signify only insofar as they bear out the “gesture”, only insofar, that is, as they are illogical and provoking.