Qui Ezra Pound, in La Destra, quarterly on culture and politics, no. 3. Edizioni del Borghese, Roma 1976.


“The unpublished conversations by Ezra Pound aired on Radio Roma (1941-1943), recorded and transcribed by the Americans, which cost the poet an accusation of treason”.



Universality May 4, 1942


Europe calling, Ezra Pound speaking. 


The Bolshevik anti-morale comes out of the Talmud, which is the dirtiest teaching that any race ever codified.  


The Talmud is the one and only be getter of the Bolshevik system. And if there are any Christians in the United State of America, they would do well to consider Renan’s warning. They would do well to consider the difference between the Greek and the Hebrew parts of the Bible.  


They would do well to look objectively at the record of Hebrew barbarism, and at the nature of  

Christ’s revolt, as recorded in the Gospels.  




Now the Old Testament is a collection of heteroclite work, chronicles, psalms, prophecies, and  

ecciesiastes. And the Chronicles record the doings of a thoroughly disgusting race of barbarians.  


The prophets ceased not to object to the conduct of the coreligionaries.  




However, there was a fellow named Pericles, there was a fellow named Aristotle, there were various writers, such as Homer and Hesiod. And they built up a European Code. In fact, European civilization, and as much of it as has infiltrated into the outlying Islands, islands lying off the North West corner of Europe, such of it as has been trapsed over the North American continent. 


People taking grand pianos, and little plaster busts of Mozart and Haydn across the Mississippi River and into the Michigan pine woods.  


This civilization sprouted in the Mediterranean basin.  




Why was Christ crucified?  


He was crucified for trying to bust a racket.  


There had been mystic sects in Palestine before the zero year of the Christian era. Some say they had been there for 200 years.  


I am not considerin’ the religious and mystic question.  


I am asking why the Sanhedrim and the Priests and Levites were so dead set on Crucifixion.  




Will you note that there is in the Christian Gospels no provision for taxing the public. 


There is no institution of a central governing authority authorized to tax the people for infringements of understandable in fractions of a finnikin code of laws.  




As to the Talmud, that is something much lower. That is the code of vengeance, of  

secret means unto vengeance. Aimed specifically at the destruction of all non kike order.  


It is a dirty book, and reading of it might well be reserved to mature and responsible students of psychosis and of pathology.  


Out of it came the Bolsheviki. Out of it came the determination to ruin Europe, to break down  

Christianity, to set up no-Godism. And it is either irony or tragedy that English and American Christians should find ’emselves hog tied into a collaboration with bloody Russia.  



With Phantoms, May 18, 1942


Europe calling, Ezra Pound speaking. 




And not having read the English version of Mein Kampf I will not discuss it.  


That book was translated into Italian and printed in 1933 (yaas, a delay, not an immediate publication) and Bompiani had [a] coup de genie, published the second half first, so the Italian public had chance to get the program clear and at the start. And I affirm that there has for years been the most God damned ignorance and misapprehension of that program in England and America.  


I myself had only a vague idea. 


I wasn’t intent on Germany. I had my job with my writin’, and my recordin’ of Italy. Trying to get things straight.  




I said it was the one inch of solid ground. That’s why I came here. One inch of solid earth where a man could see straight and write it; could buck the international money swine and not disappear altogether.  




Hitler in 1924 saying that Germany ought to lay off the Tyrol, ought to see Italy. See Italy Fascist as the one ray of light in a world that was going to sunset, sinking. Just as I saw it  

as the one inch of solid basis. Well, Brother Adolf did do something about it, while I was lookin’ and listenin’.  




As to the Hitler program, it was (what we all knew, and did nothing about, namely) that the breedin’ of human beings deserves more care and attention than the breedin’ of horses and wiffetts, or even the breedin’ of sheep, goat, and the larger livestock. 


That is point one of the nazi program.  


Breed good, and preserve the race. Breed thorough, that is for thorough breds, conserve the best of the race. Conserve the best elements. That means eugenics: as opposed to race suicide. And it did not and does not please the Talmudic Jews who want to kill off all the other races whom they can not subjugate; and drive down what he thinks is doin’, his USF to his race or nation consists in seeing the OBJECT and writin’ down what he sees, and not falsifying his record.